Central Vacuum

  • More power!  Central vac systems have 300% more power than the upright or canister vacuums that you find in the store
  • Cleaner Air!  Central vac is proven to reduced allergies and clean much better.  Check the clinical studies. 
  • Quieter cleaning.  With the large motor and noise out of the house, you can vacuum anytime of day.
  • Last longer.  Most high end vacuums last 3-5 years.  Central vac, on average, will last over 20 years.
  • Light weight, smaller more compact and can reach difficult places easier.
  • If you don't like carrying the 30' hose around, you can have a kit on each floor or ask us about the hide-a-hose system which puts a hose inside every port. 

• Why to you want Central vac??